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Tessa Sinclair, LMFT

MA in Counseling Psychology, specialization Transpersonal - JFK University 2016

BA in Interdisciplinary Studies, emphasis Writing, Music & Yoga - Naropa University 2008

Supporting self-reflective, ambitious MFTA's in providing excellent, compassionate service while building a solid, sustainable private practice.

My Style

My supervision style is eclectic and grounded. My background in contemplative education and transpersonal psychology guide the thriving private practice I started in 2016. 

While pursuing licensure, I often used supervision to process what was coming up for me in regards to my client work, acknowledging and digesting any countertransference as it arose. I find this to be one of the most important components of supervision. Dealing with our "stuff" makes us better clinicians, and helps us see our clients more clearly. Plus, practicing vulnerability in a professional setting prepares us to offer this distinctly rich gift in our work.


You can expect to learn both experientially and didactically from me as your supervisor, including (but not limited to) some of my favorite therapeutic tools and interventions:


Awareness/Mindfulness practice

Art/Drama therapy


Guided Imagery
Somatic Inquiry


All offered with a holistic, humanistic approach. It's worth noting that I use the DSM very little, if at all (preferring the lens of the Enneagram to categorize and "diagnose" my clients’ unique personalities and needs). I do, however, recognize the necessity to familiarize oneself with the manual in preparation for exams; and I'll support you in that to the best of my ability.


Regarding the business side of therapy: I opened a private practice right after graduating. I grew my practice and supported myself with the revenue within less than a year. I got my license after 3 years of practice, and started an S-Corporation. And I was recently able to take a 6 month personal leave, covered by my business savings. 


If this interests/resonates with you, I'm happy to share what I've learned. 


If we do work together, I invite you to bring your whole self, your clients, and your questions to our sessions.

I look forward to meeting and supporting you!


I'm always looking for opportunities to support anyone who can benefit from my work! Let's connect.


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