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My time with Tessa has been extremely helpful and cathartic. As a young professional navigating the dating scene, I have at times felt alienated, lost and overwhelmed. Tessa expertly guides me through some tough issues and our work together has left me feeling more self confident and happier. Her calm demeanor makes it easy to open up. She genuinely cares about my journey and that is evident in our sessions. I would recommend Tessa to anyone who wants to make a change in their life or just isn't happy with how things have been going.


I spent about 6 months meeting individually with Tessa to work through a tough time in my marriage and family changes and adjustments.  She created an environment that was calm, friendly and felt safe from the first meeting.  She had a great balance between letting me say what I needed to verbalize and talk through, but also providing, structure, guidance and resources as needed between our sessions. She is caring, thoughtful and nonjudgmental in a way that seems to come naturally to her.  After our time together I feel that I have more skills to respond to my current (and probably future) life challenges,

I understand myself better, and am able to respond and connect better to those close to me.


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